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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Associate music store opened

I've opened a music and merchandise store for the site.
Its Amazon affiliate store so I cannot affect the prices but I'm trying to find all worthy stuff in their catalogue to add them in DungeonsAreCalling affiliate store. I'm using categories quite hard there so you can browse the records way you like. The store can be found in top bar of this site.

Catalogue is still in its processing-state. So far NWOBHM catalogue is pretty much ready, then theres some 70's and HARD ROCK records. T-shirts for cool bands propably also incoming. First I was thinking to add only obscure releases, but decided to also add more known stuff from the 80's there like Maiden. Give some feedback when you check it out.

This site will stay otherwise ad-free - buying through my affiliate Amazon store or donating will be the ways to support the blog. Despite the store I will keep uploading obscure releases fully here also. The store is an option if you liked what you downloaded, you can try finding it from the store (it has no all albums that this site reviews - Amazon's selection is limited).

I will keep building this up, enjoy!
DungeonsAreCalling store


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