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Monday, June 27, 2011

NEWS: doom metallers Cardinals Folly releasing first full-lenght in August

cardinals folly such power is dangerous

Finnish doom metal band Cardinals Folly is releasing their first full-lenght album in August. They were formerly known as The Coven (formed in 2004 - releasing two EP's and one live under that name) but changed name to Cardinals Folly in 2007. They have two EP's under their belt so far (Heretic's Hangover EP 2008 and
Orthodox Faces EP 2009).

The album is coming out on 2nd of August 2011 released by Shadow Kingdom Records label by title "Such Power Is Dangerous!". The tracklist is following:

1. The Hammer Speaks
2. Such Power Is Dangerous!
3. Valkyries I Avenge
4. The Spear of Destiny
5. Antediluvian Dreams
6. Uncharted Seas
7. The Secret War

Pre-order CD through Amazon:

Listen their song BLOOD AXIS RAIDERS from 2009.


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