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Thursday, June 23, 2011

NEWS: Manilla Road to release new album within two months

Long line epic heavy metallers from Wichita, United States, will be releasing a new album this year which will be their 15th full lenght. The album is called Playground Of The Damned and exact release date has been set to August 12th, 2011. Recording have already been finished and took place at Midgard Sound Labs, Wichita. It won't be a concept album this time. Mark and Hellroadie are singing 50% of the songs each.

This will be long awaited album since last one called Voyager came out three years ago being very solid album.
Manilla Road have been recording a great album after another for over three decades now (were on break 1992-2000) and don't show sign slowing down. They are propably one of the most consistant performers out there. The band has also always stayed to their roots of honest epic heavy metal. Two more months and waiting will be over!

In the meantime here's the cover art (which is damn incredible) and tracklist:

manilla road playground of the damned

1. Jackhammer
2. Into the Maelstrom
3. Playground of the Damned
4. Grindhouse
5. Abattoir de la Mort
6. Fire of Ashurbanipal
7. Brethren of the Hammer
8. Art of War


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