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Monday, June 20, 2011

REVIEW: Overdrive (SWE) - Angelmaker (2011)

overdrive angelmaker

Overdrive was formed in Sweden, Karlsham, at the year 1980.
They released couple of demos before debuting with full-lenght album Metal Attack at 1983. They released one more full-lenght at 1984 before disappearing from the scene (at least in form of releases). Overdrive returned to scene with singles at 2001 and 2006 before releasing NWOBHM'ish Let The Metal Do The Talking at 2008.

Angelmaker is their fourth full-lenght album release.
I happened to see Overdrive about a year back live in Finland which was pretty good gig. Although propably overshadowed by their countrymates Torch at the gig (just in my opinion) and were up to par with RAM, it looked like their comeback certainly was not a failure. Many of the 80's reunions after a decade of two inactivity lack energy and aggression the bands once had.

This album offers nicely back to the roots classic heavy metal with slight sound of power-metal perhaps, yes I think this is a twist towards traditional heavy/power from NWOBHM sound of previous album. Bit like Cage (US) meets Iron Maiden though still drifting more into euro category side..sounding quite like their countrymates RAM (SWE). Production of course sounds slightly modernized compared to the 80's sound but not in the bad meaning. Its just pure heavy metal with quite strong-palm muted riffing and nice melody passages. Singer doesn't really stand out in a good or bad way. He's just very stable mid-range - slightly high range singer with enought power in his voice not to sound whiny. Angelmaker may lack slightly innovation and surprises, but stands its ground being enjoyable 80's roots euro heavy metal with its headbanging moments along melodic guitar passages and nice solos. Still at the end of the day you're left with feeling you just listened very enjoyable album where nothing is wrong to begin with, but might not remember what really stood out.

The standout tracks include: I Know There's Something going on, slightly rock'ish and more modern power-metallish track. Something I could see Helloween doing with slightly more experimental song (I'm not a big Helloween fan but this song somehow works), speedy kicking Iron Maiden'ish Under The Influence, speedy in-your-face riffage-fests the title track and Sings All Over, more jam-along headbanger In Gut We Trust and melodic speedblast To Grow with its cool shredding. B-side doesn't come on quite as strong though is not really letdown either.

Overall I could recommend this to anyone who likes 80's roots melodic euro heavy metal with strong riffage as well as anyone who likes "newer" heavy/power metal bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Cage, RAM and so on. My taste is slightly more drifted into rough 80's german heavy metal and NWOBHM than melodic heavy/power but I do like this kind of stuff also. Not standout album, but enjoyable and traditional. More material in future is more appreciated than not appreciated from Overdrive. Quite solid album from talented band. 74/100 (good)

  • Kenth Ericsson - Bass
  • Kenta Svensson - Drums
  • Janne Stark - Guitars
  • Kjell Jacobsson - Guitars
  • Per Lengstedt - Vocals

  • 1. Signs All Over 03:48
  • 2. In Gut We Trust 03:48
  • 3. Angelmaker 03:54
  • 4. I Know There's Something Going On 04:39
  • 5. Under The Influence 03:41
  • 6. On With The Action 05:50
  • 7. See The Light 03:46
  • 8. To Grow 05:00
  • 9. Mother Earth 05:26
  • 10. It’s A Thriller 04:31
  • 11. Cold Blood Chaser 03:34
  • 12. The Wavebreaker 10:01
    • Total Running time: 57:58


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