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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REVIEW: Striker (CAN) - Eyes In The Night (2010)

striker eyes in the night

Striker is a canadian speed metal band formed in 2007. The band released their first demo in 2008 and first EP in 2009 called Road Warrior. This is a young band with fresh guys in heavy metal field. I was quite unfamiliar with this band too, but their sound caught my attention immeatedly (which doesn't happen too often in case of new bands). Striker plays tight sounding speed metal with powerfull speedy palm-muted riffs and melodic leads thrown in to the mix. Guitars practically slaughter with the chainsaw-rhythms and screaming guitar squeals (pick harmonics) used very often. The drumming is also quite thunderous on this album. Vocals on Dan Cleary remind a bit of Sean Peck of Cage or perhaps Halford at higher pitched screams. He uses his range from mid-high to high pitched well and sounds quite powerfull. Cleary has very slightly rough edge in his melodic voice meaning he's not totally clean but almost. Expect alot of high notes on this album but they fit well and aren't done so overly or out of key that it would annoy the listener. Also backup vocals are used at places to make vocals more strong.

Music sounds very much rooted 80's speed metal and overall athmosphere is really flashy yet melodic. Along the strong chainsaw riffs - lead melodies, very good solos and pick harmonics create multidimensional sound that doesn't sound too flat and boring but instead creates strong wall-of-sound. Everything is pretty much in your face headbanging material. This can be also slightly minus since when closing at the end of B-side of the album theres a bit of repetition. Still whole album is made with style and is enjoyable throughout.

My favourites here are: opening track Full Speed Or No Speed, which is furious headbanger and soaring vocal delivery from Cleary and some backup vocals done well. Solo doesn't let down either. More athmospheric Never Ending Nights with it's half-acoustic parts, slowdown parts mixed with faster headbanging ones and some melodic leads screaming. This is propably most moody and rocking song on the album yet manages not to sound overly pu*sy. The White Knight with ultra-speedy chainsaw rhythms and great lead guitar work and high pitched screams from Cleary and once again well used backup vocals from the band. Slightly laid back but still heavy Ice Cold that has slightly Maiden'ish feel in its chorus part practically at it's soaring vocal delivery and great pick harmonics along with some shredding. But my number one favourite has to be Eyes Of The Night. Just damn awesome guitar harmonics at the intro which leads to great lead guitar riffing which continues through whole song with double bass drums setting the rhythm. Melodies just stick to your head.

Overall a speed metal album from a young band done by great style. One can hear they certainly have talent. Very slightly repetitive but it doesn't really matter as all the songs are good-very good. Promising at least to say. I think they got their countrymates Cauldron's newest album beat with this record. Recommended to anyone who likes straightforward in-your-face speed metal rooted to 80's with high pitched strong screams and melodic lead guitar work added to the mix. 80/100 (Great)

  • Dan Cleary - Vocals
  • Ian Sandercock - Guitars
  • Chris Segger - Guitars
  • Dave Arnold - Bass
  • Magnus Burdeniuk - Drums

  • 1. Full Speed or No Speed 03:09
  • 2. Eyes in the Night 04:13
  • 3. We Don't Play by the Rules 03:42
  • 4. Never Ending Nights 04:37
  • 5. The White Knight 03:55
  • 6. Voice of Rock 04:09
  • 7. Ice Cold 04:54
  • 8. Terrorizer 04:22
  • 9. Believe in Me 05:48
  • 10. Hang on (To Your Life) 04:16
    • Total running time: 43:05


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