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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

REVIEW: KAT (POL) - 666 (1986)

Kat is a polish band formed as far back in time as 1979. Kat is polish and stands for "executioner". Metal Encyclopedia describes their music as Heavy/Speed/Black Metal/Thrash Metal. On this album is evil sounding speed metal with occasional thrash moments thrown in and sounds very evil indeed. This album was released a year before in almost similar song lineup. I've never heard that one so I don't know if it was sung in english, but lyrics are written in english on that album which is called Metal And Hell. What we have here is totally great album.

This is speed metal with early thrash influences and some traditional heavy metal leads thrown in. Vocalist Roman Kostrzewski has totally hoarse powerful mid-range voice that sounds totally wicked and evil, with some high shrieks used time to time. Oh by the way vocals are sung in polish but doesn't bother quite a bit although one can't understand much of the lyrics except they are about evil, satan and occult. Fits the music perfectly. Material is made for headbanging and moshing with strong palm muted riffing and some additional melodic hooks from traditional heavy metal added. Guitar solos are also very good. Bass is audible and drumming is strong. Only thing really that is not so strong here is rough bit thin production. But even it cannot overshadow this album's greatness. Gloomy but energetic riffs with lots of sharp palm muted riffs and lost of flying guitar solos along evil atmosphere dominates this album. It's a mix of Running Wild's Gates to Purgatory and some middle european early thrash. Speed metal versus thrash metal battle.

Material is very good overall. No much filler to be found. Ultra fast speed metal riffing in Metal i Plekto with totally strong commanding chorus shouts makes you want to raise your fist along. Mid-fast Diabelski Dom cz i with it's riding-rhythm is a nod to more traditional 80s heavy metal but sounding more evil than anything traditional heavy I can fastly think of. Ripping bit more groovy Masz Mnie Wampirze is total headbanging moment. Noce Szanata sounds like something faster material from first TANK album Filth Hounds of Hades but is just very much sharper sounding. Wyrocznia is probably the most bottom heavy moment of the album in veins of something like bay early area thrash and just smokes. Last but not least is mid-fast very eerie sounding 666 with horror-style scream "iaaaarrrghhh" included in chorus with Satan!! Satan!! shouts. Quite winner combination in my opinion. Cheesy? Maybe. Cult? Definetely.

If you want to find a good slavic 80s band, be it early speed metal or thrash metal. Be sure to check KAT out. Some totally awesome stuff to be found in this album. Not too complex base riffs, but just energetic and guitar solos kick ass. But it is really the vocals that just nails it. Prepare for evil speed'n'thrash assault. 91/100 (Awesome)

*Currently unavailable to buy as new, but there's currently one used LP available!

  • Piotr Luczyk - Guitars
  • Ireneusz Loth - Drums
  • Tomasz Jaguś - Bass
  • Wojciech Mrowiec - Guitars
  • Roman Kostrzewski - Vocals

  • 1. Metal i Piekło 02:43
  • 2. Diabelski Dom - cz. I 04:46
  • 3. Morderca 03:15
  • 4. Masz Mnie Wampirze 03:11
  • 5. Czas Zemsty 04:47
  • 6. Noce Szatana 03:32
  • 7. Diabelski Dom - cz. III 03:41
  • 8. Wyrocznia 03:41
  • 9. Czarne Zastępy 03:30
  • 10. 666 03:26
    • Total running time 36:32

For Collectors:
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Used album price @ Martin Popoff’s Heavy Metal Record Price Guide (1999):

Label – KPR/RLP013ZSX782
Type – LP/P/86
Near Mint – $25
Very Good+ - $14

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