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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

REVIEW: Reverend (US) - Live EP (1992)

I found this record collecting dust so it's time to crank it up again.
Reverend is a power/thrashmetal band from United States. Their lead singer David Wayne died in 2005 following the complications from a car crash. May he rest in peace. Wayne used to be original front man for Metal Church (US) in earlier 80's. After leaving Metal Church for his replacement Mike Howe, Wayne formed a new band called Reverend in 1989. Maybe you guys and gals remember Metal Church's two first albums - self titled and The Dark having thrash influences. Not sure if it was Wayne's influence, but Reverend continues pretty much in veins of early Metal Church with slightly thrashier approach. Reverend released one EP (Reverend EP, 1989), one single and two full lenghts in late 80's-early 90's. Full lengths were called World Won't Miss You (1990) and Play God (1991). They reunited in around 2000 and released one promising EP called Gathering Demons but never had change to release full lenght after this which is a shame.

This is Reverend's short live EP consisting out of six songs released in 1992 - slightly after Reverend's second and last full length album. Despite containing only six songs, they are well picked from whole small category of Reverend up 'till 92: Three songs from World Won't Miss You, two from Play God and one from Reverend EP.

This is powerful thrash and powermetal mix here. Wayne's vocals have always been highly appreciated by me. He uses mid-high to high wailing shrieks that cuts like razor. His vocals very much fuels the music itself to sound quite evil. The riffs on this live album are sharp. Drumming is energetic. What also pleases is that this little EP has pretty clear and sharp sound mix, even though it might be slightly thin, it's not at least muddy at all. Quality is quite good actually.

Gunpoint and World Won't Miss You start strongly with slaughtering chainsaw riffs and Waynes' ripping vocals. These are more in your face thrashing headbanger songs. Scattered Wits offers half acoustic more haunting and depressive melodies with Wayne singing partly shierks and partly clean voice. This proves the guy can sing clean vocals well also. B.O.B (Butcher of Baghdad) offers more bay area style riffing and drumming - being really gloomy, dark and heavy. Promised land then offers more laid back mysterious sounding song - being more jam'along thrash. It has its gloomy and mysterious slowdown parts combined with regular thrashing moments and some groove. Last track out of six - Power of Persuasion - is probably my favorite though. It's only song here from Reverend EP. Guitarists play strong chugging palm-muted riffs that are all over the song with overall evil atmosphere.

Overall just good little live EP that should please any bay area thrash or early Metal Church fan well. Only matter here is that this little EP is EP - one would had wanted to hear more material in form of full lenght live. Band performance is solid and energetic. Backing vocals are used well. Worth of buying even for just six tracks. 79/100 (Good)

  • Brian Korban - Guitars
  • David Wayne (R.I.P. 2005) - Vocals
  • Stuart Fuji - Guitars
  • Dennis O'Hara - Bass
  • Rick Basha - Drums
  • 1. Gunpoint 04:35
  • 2. World Won't Miss You 04:52
  • 3. Scattered Wits 04:49
  • 4. Butcher Of Baghdad 03:53
  • 5. Promised Land 02:58
  • 6. The Power of Persuasion 04:05
    • Total running time 25:12

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