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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Few new Armored Saint live shots on Youtube

A couple of new Armored Saint live shots have magically appeared to Youtube. These clips are from 1991 Symbol Of Salvation Tour after Dave had already gone - with Jeff Duncan playing other guitars.. Enjoy!

PS. To make the site less heavier I included only 1/5 clips in this post. If you want to see the rest just go to Youtube through the video below and watch the clip there - the rest of the songs should appear at the right side in youtube where you see the list of other related/recommended video clips!

Lineup at the time:

John Bush - Vocals
Jeff Duncan - Guitars
Phil Sandoval - Guitars
Joey Vera - Bass
Gonzo Sandoval - Drums

Armored Saint - For the sake of heaviness (Live, 1991, Los Angeles, CA)

Gonzo hosting Armored Saint Magazine 2001 (Bloopers)

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