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Friday, August 19, 2011

What's going on?

There's been lack up update speed there was while back - too much personal shit has been going on in life lately. I'll keep writing time to time though in future - meanwhile feel free to browse old posts and please report broken links in case you find any!

Meanwhile my Running Wild shirts arrived, haven't bough much band shirts or merchandise lately due lack of money but now it was time. They're really cool! Finally good re-prints of RuWi shirts. I've listened bit of a new albums also - The Black Riders-Chosen Few has especially impressed me. It's kinda mixture of NWOBHM and Europe/Van Halen but certainly not as commercial - and not overly happy either - melodies are more in "minor" than "major".

I also listened the new Manilla Road album Playground Of The Damned and I've to say the band continues released good album after another. They have been like Saxon at 2000 century - releasing rock solid album after another. Safe and secure following bands present lines of style, but enjoyable, who could complain? I will review those albums later on when I have the time.

Stay tuned!

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