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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Metal Warning IV Festival in Finland 11.11-12.11.2011

2.11.2011 Updated info
Ticket link was broken so it's fixed. Get Your tickets here.
Some new bands added to Saturday line-up that were not listed on this post before:

  • Minotaur (GER) 66,6min set
  • Santa Lucia (FIN) 60min set
  • Solitaire (FIN) 50min set

Check the newest poster here for more info.

This festival is worth advertising since these guys get usually cool bands to play in Finland. If history repeats itself there will be nice collection of old and newer heavy metal records for sale also before the gig! Last time I found pretty much cool stuff - Manilla Road, Living Death, Blitzkrieg, Halloween for example. This metal festival is nod to the old school more than for newer heavy metal.

So, METAL WARNING IV-heavy metal festival will be held at Friday 11.11.2011 - Saturday 12.11.2011 in Gloria club, located at Finland's capitol city Helsinki. The price for two day ticket is 30euros (one day tickets will be coming for sale later on) and age restriction is 18+. The doors will open at 19.00 both days. Finnish cult band OZ have recently reformed and will be the headliner for the festival!

Get your tickets at for Metal Warning Festival IV at
More info about additional band changes etc. at:

The bands already confirmed are following:


FRIDAY 11.11.2011

OZ (Headliner)





EVIL-LÿN (Fin)


SATURDAY 12.11.2011




+ "heavy metal records - fair" held earlier on day

There's still possibility of new band additions to join in the lineup for either day.

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