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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New section - SINGLES release year archives 1970-1989

This section covers all SINGLES releases firstly in origin country order and then chronologic order by release year. I used as an information source to make this list. Idea of the list is for anyone to browse through Single releases between 1970-1989 to see how many albums in each country was released and what bands these countries had. This list is also for my own personal use.

Singles section is interesting especially on N.W.O.B.H.M scene part as many bands of the genre only ever released single(s) - but never made it far enough to release EP or Full Length album. Enjoy browsing the archive!

PS.I might still do the Demo archives later on but since there's more of those than EP/LP/Singles it's more work.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Releases section updated

The left side section with "new releases" has been updated with some of the bigger releases between 06/2011 - 09/2011 that are available through Check them out! Particularly album by The Gate interests me, being a huge Running Wild fan the band has ex-Running Wild guitarist Preacher in it. There are also new releases from Anthrax (with Belladonna again) and Vader which did not fit into the widget - you can search them with right hand "Search from" search-field if you like.

Meanwhile also band called Arkham Witch from U.K has debuted with their first ever full length. I liked what I listened so I'm going to share this clip here:

This album is not available through and as I understood it would be quite limited pressing (pressing limited to 666 copies). You can get it from Doomanoid Records at here with only 8 pounds.

Weekly Metal Videos updated - Week 38

The section is finally updated with five new videos. No time updating every week but I'll keep updating it once in a while. "Vote for your favorite video"-poll won't be anymore since it did not get votes last time - but may return in case this blog gets more daily readers where it could make sense. This time we have some Pariah, Razor, Raven, Heavy Load and Metal Church - check the new heavy metal videos out right here.. :-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

REVIEW: MP (aka Metal Priests) (GER) - Bursting out (1986)

MP aka Metal Priests were an obscure heavy metal band formed in Germany at 1986. Later on same year they released their first full length album Bursting Out – eventually releasing three more albums after the debut at 1987 (Get It Now), 1988 (Showdown) and 1992 (Melting Point under changed band name “Melting Point”).

What we have here is quite damn straightforward set of heavy rocking songs, with a good dose of energy. Perhaps a record not to be taken too seriously. Bursting Out is cheesy, simple, dirty and yet kind of a record that is fun to listen to, occasionally. MP sound a bit like their country mates Noisehunter but being more rocking and dirtier – perhaps being even closer to their other country mates Tyrant featuring similar just-for-fun-roughness. There is similar snottiness and roughness in their sound than featured with Tyrant as well as similar streed-ready rocking attitude. Even the singer is almost same caliber with over-the-top striking hoarse vocal delivery, similar to Tyrant’s singer Kerrmit, but with occasional higher pitch in the voice. This makes vocals tend to sound a bit whiny even (slight complaint) time to time, and I could well understand some people getting ear-bleeds of the singer. Crossfire from Belgium also comes quite close style wise. Take the most straight forward riffs from Judas Priest and Accept, and add over-the-top German hoarse voiced vocalist on top of it, and you get pretty close to the end result what Metal Priests sound like. Even though the album has very hard rock'ish edge, it has certain level of heaviness in it's sound and manages to sound quite strong and raw. Sadly, instrument playing skills and average-but-tolerable vocalist don't manage to raise MP into the higher level.

The material varies between safe mid-fast tempo rockers and a few speedier moments. Overall the album is perhaps sailing on a bit too “safe waters” with no much surprises on it's sleeve – just regular German in your face eighties heavy metal with hard rocking edge. The choruses are basic and made to shout along with. Strong and crispy power chord riffage is all over the place and lead guitar melodies are kept to minimum – however guitar solos are decently good and fluent and stand out when played. Stomping mid-fast drumming and audible bass are also trademarks throughout the album.

As a highlights I’d pick the title track 'Bursting Out' which is totally in your face speed metal song with nice lead guitar shredding and strong palm muted riffing. It’s just full of energy and chorus makes you want to shout out loud simple chorus “Bursting, bursting! (Bursting Out!)”. MP (Metal Priests) is another one with mid-fast tempo, smashing drums and very simple but working power chord mania driving it forward. There’s just irresistible dirty groove in this song. Heavy slower stompers with massive drum pound – Startide Rising and Out For Love – work out well enough to keep the album decently good. The rest of the songs are pretty much more of the same but not as great as these tracks.

This album is nice to crank up while driving on highway and would as well to fit to some beer-party. There’s quite strong uplifting general feeling in the album. It's generic with it's riffs and lyrics (especially simple shout-along choruses) but some songs are just irresistible - you can not be without headbanging to them. Quite enjoyable in-your-face rocking heavy metal album from massive German touch on it's sound – recommended for anyone who like bands like Tyrant (GER) and Crossfire (BEL) and dirty rocking German sound in general. In my opinion Bursting Out is very well up to par with best releases from those two bands, but that's not to say that Germany and Belgium didn't feature tons of bands sounding a bit like MP on this album, delivering their material on the similar level of quality: Tyrant, Crossfire, Noisehunter, Vampyr, Railway, Cutty Sark... the list goes on.

Not mind blowing but enjoyable album from a band with rather average playing talent and quite good sound quality. Their playing style is seriously not reinventing the wheel, but MP does have their own touch in their sound which makes them easily recognizable. This album is easy to get into (unless you dislike the hoarse high pitched vocals featured in the album, that may make some ears bleed, depending of what you prefer), but it's also rather easy to forget as it's really 'even' delivery though and trough, on rather average level. That being said, it's uplifting features, fine sound quality, and songs such as "Bursting Out", "Out For Love", and "MP (Metal Priests)" are good songs, raising the album just slight above average level release. There's something called little magic in this rather bit generic album, however, that brings me back time to time to listen it...

70 | reviewer: dungeoncrawler

(Not available through - you can however get the Live CD instead featuring many songs from Bursting Out)

  • Thomas Zeller - Vocals, Bass
  • Thomas Schneider - Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Andy Wolk - Guitars, Backing Vocals

  • 1. Bursting Out 03:29
  • 2. MP (Metal Priests) 02:44
  • 3. Startide Rising 03:54
  • 4. Pyromania 03:11
  • 5. Out for Love 04:17
  • 6. On the Loose Again 03:39
  • 7. Fight For Your Life 04:22
  • 8. Hellglow 02:00
  • 9. No More Heroes 02:36
  • 10. World of Tears 04:36
    • Total running time 34:48

For Collectors:
(Following prices have raised since ’99 but will give you direction - my bet is you can double them up)
Used album price @ Martin Popoff’s Heavy Metal Record Price Guide (1999):

-Sorry, not listed in the book-

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winner of the poll "Best heavy metal in 80s came from?"

The poll has ended and the results for top 3 go as follows:

1.Germany - 10 votes
2.America / United Kingdom (Split) - 9 votes
3. Sweden - 6 votes

1. Germany - rough edged traditional heavy metal and thrash scene

There's no denying that Germany had a great bunch of bands at the time. They had their thrash scene with strong contenders like Sodom and Kreator among the more known ones of the scene. Then there was german traditional heavy metal with likes of Running Wild, Accept, Warlock, Scanner, Sinner, Rage (the list goes on). Not forgetting some unknown bands like Cutty Sark, Black Fate, Samain, Noisehunter.. some of the best heavy metal in the 80's certainly came from Germany.

2.1 America (United States) - Bay Area thrash and heavy metal

Slightly badly described in the poll, I should had set this as U.S and not America. Not surprised that America and U.K were high on the list also. America had their bay area thrash scene competing with the german counterparts. Exodus, Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, Metallica (who back in time released some good albums pre-90's!) - with perhaps more large thrash following than in Germany with several bit more obscure thrash bands like Nuclear Assault, Rigor Mortis, Death Angel, Dark Angel, Heathen, Vio-Lence and so on. Although german scene is quality - the U.S scene of the 80's is just so large that it cannot be but holding a great deal of awesome bands. Traditional heavy metal gems would be remembered such as Jag Panzer with their Ample Destruction, the horror themed Halloween with Don't Metal With Evil album, speedy and vicious Savage Grace, great high pitched vocals of singer "Midnight" in Crimson Glory.. not forgetting Vicious Rumors, Omen, the epic Manilla Road and many more.

2.2 United Kingdom - NWOBHM and then some

U.K on the other hand had very memorable early 80's and biggest thing remembered of the scene over there would be NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) - which is considered as a form of "(early) heavy metal". It was born from the rock, blues and punk rock music of the 70's when musicians took step to more aggressive and heavier form we know as NWOBHM. Some of the more known bands from that scene were Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Diamond Head, Venom and Motörhead - the last two representing the most rough and heaviest form of the bunch. Some great semi-obscure bands were Angel Witch, TANK, Grim Reaper, Demon, Cloven Hoof, Satan, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Blitzkrieg, Witchfinder General, Jaguar, Witchfynde, Savage, Hell and Tokyo Blade. This was a great scene and one of my favorites. While not most aggressive form of heavy metal in general, it has great melodies (usually not overly happy) and soul in it. However my favorite obscure band so far would be perhaps rocking Battleaxe with a bit AC/DC'ish style combined to NWOBHM - with dirtier sound. That's not to say that after mid-80's U.K hadn't have anything good to offer which wasn't from NWOBHM genre. Some great obscure offerings were released like great speed metal effort Tröjan-Chasing The Storm at 1985 and for example two aggressive trash metal offerings from Deathwish at 1987 (At The Edge of Damnation) and 1989 (Demon Preacher), not forgetting bottom heavy as hell History Of A Time To Come (1988) by Sabbat and The Force by Onslaught among many others.

3. Sweden - mecca of melodic traditional heavy metal

Sweden on third place is a slight surprise because in a small country like that, the scene cannot be as huge as anything above. However Sweden bands pretty much pioneered in traditional melodic heavy metal and did it great. While Sweden didn't have many well known bands, they had great deal of melodic underground heavy metal scene going: Heavy Load, 220 Volt, Overdrive, Axe Witch, Gotham City, Six Feet Under, Keen Hue, Universe, Mercy, Silver Mountain and more hard rocking Torch. However the most known band coming from Sweden at 80's might very well be doom metal pioneers Candlemass - one of the very first bands in that genre. Either that or early black metallers of Bathory.

This remained quite little poll with not too many votes, however thanks for all who casted their votes! This means that out of next six reviews with full pre-listen available there will be three albums from Germany and one out of each: America, U.K and Sweden. Stay tuned!