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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Aria (Ария) album is out - in case you missed it!

This comes as news to me.
In case you missed it too, russian heavy metal veterans Aria have came out with a new album earlier at this month (5th of October, 2011)! This is their first album since 5 years of silence (well in case of long play releases anyway - I hear they have toured) and is called simply - Phoenix (Феникс).

The current lineup goes as follows:

Vladimir Holstinin - Guitars (1985-present)
Vitaliy Dubinin - Bass (1987-present)
Maxim Udalov - Drums (1987-1988, 2002-present), Drums (live) (1998)
See also: ex-Valkyria, ex-Чёрный Кофе
Sergey Popov - Guitars (2002-present)
See also: ex-Мастер
Mikhail Zhitnyakov - Vocals (2011-present)
See also: ex-КуражЪ, ex-Гран-КуражЪ

The vocalist is brand new and I don't want to comment more on this album yet since I'vent heard it as whole, but it will be pretty much one of the top albums on my "must listen"-list. So as we can see vocalist is new and another of the guitarists have been on the band since 2002 - while the rest three have longer career with Aria. You can see the cover below along with the tracklist (song names are converted with "internet languange translator" so might not be perfectly correct - sorry 'bout that):

ARIA-Phoenix (Феникс, 2011)

1. Black Square (Чёрный Квадрат) 05:20
2. Balance (Равновесие Сил)04:12
3. History of One Murderer (История Одного Убийцы) 06:22
4. Black Legend (Чёрная Легенда) 08:02
5. Fights without Rules (Бои без Правил) 06:53
6. Phoenix (Феникс) 06:34
7. The symphony of Fire (Симфония Огня) 05:30
8. Attila (Аттила) 07:56
9. The Headlight (Дальний Свет) 04:55
10. Requiem (Реквием) 04:25

No downloads for new releases!


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