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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Horror movie titled "Metal Maniac" will feature classic heavy metal music

This goes more on the movie sector than music but nevertheless I found this news quite funny. Horror movie titled "Metal Maniac" is currently in filming yet without official released date set. Producer of the film Susan Kapostasy says that Metal Maniac is tribute her personal tribute to heavy metal music and horror movies.

Metal Maniac's soundtrack will include bands like Axemaster with their song "Slave to The Blade", Manilla Road, Nasty Savage, Deceased, Oz, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Black Death, Borrowed Time and more.

Whether this will be brainless horror flick or B-Class low budget movie I'll be seeing it just because of the great roster of bands included in a movie which is kinda rare. Movie with bands like this included in soundtrack cannot not be fun..


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