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Monday, December 12, 2011

NEWS: Devastracktor - Warhorsepowers And A Megaton Of Balls release at 14.12

Let me just first state out that there's a free legal pre-listen session available for whole album at set up in co-operation with the band members. Be sure to check it out at here:

Pre-Listen session at (with finnish buy-link): Devastracktor (FIN) - Warhorsepowers And A Megaton Of Balls

Mind you that the page is in finnish, just scroll down the site and you'll find the player with all the songs to be listened! Finnish customers can also order the album at bottom of the page.

English customers please check here about buying the album: Warhorsepowers And A Megaton Of Balls

Album introduction

Finnish thrash metallers Devastracktor are to release their debut album "Warhorsepowers And A Megaton Of Balls" day after tomorrow - 14.12.2011. It will be released by No Sign Of Life Records.

The lyrics are mainly about war, death, destruction and science-fiction. The band plays quite powerful and speedy straight-forward vivid thrash metal, though that's not to say there wouldn't be any cool leads to fill in though, making songs also sound pretty diverse. What I personally hear is definetely some mid-late 80's Slayer and Testament - which meets 80's euro thrashmetal bands like Destruction -- blend with some heavy metal/progressive influenced riffs into the mix also. Vocals are also typical rough Bay-Area style shouts and raspy singing - not forgetting powerful backing vocals on choruses. There's some quite technical leads thrown into the mix, bit progressive even at times. This is your speedy thrash metal massacre with fair amount of melody -- definetely nodding into the old school thrash metal waters..

(No Stories to Tell - one of more "experimental" songs in the album)

Songs in the album:
  • 1. Strike Force 2099 04:16
  • 2. Megasonic Boom 03:59
  • 3. Devastracktor Battalion 04:22 Show lyrics
  • 4. No Stories to Tell 04:48
  • 5. Bring Upon the Fire 04:03
  • 6. Brutallian 03:26 Show lyrics
  • 7. I.D.G.A.S. 04:54 Show lyrics
  • 8. Interlude 02:54
  • 9. Poser Disposer 04:29 Show lyrics
  • Total Running Time - 37:11

Band Line-Up:
  • Jaakko Riihimäki - Vocals
  • Aki Järvinen - Guitar
  • Petri Salmio - Guitar
  • Joni Meriläinen - Bass
  • Kalle Salminen - Drums

Album song by song (I took freedom to translate band's original descriptions into english please butcher me now!):
  • 1. Strike Force 2099:
    • Rock solid opener that kicks straight to the balls. Thrash-song influenced by B-Class Sci-Fi movies and thousands gallons of beer.
  • 2. Megasonic Boom:
    • Tsar Bomba disguised into thrash metal form -- ripping the flesh apart, breaking bones to dust and boiling the blood.
  • 3. Devastracktor Batallion:
    • Step aside for our engines ignite, Fuelled by a million posers blood. Nuff said
  • 4. No Stories To Tell:
    • Slightly more "experimental" and more slow paced tune, with a lengthy instrumental part towards the end. Lyrics are about the horrors of war - "the horror.. the horror..".
  • 5. Bring Upon The Fire:
    • Truely sensitive song about how trigger-happy politicians cover the earth on flames, after chaos swallows civilized World.
  • 6. The Brutallian:
    • Brutallian -- the most brutal man in the world along John Matrix.
  • 7. I.D.G.A.S.:
    • Another song with lyrics and atmosphere describing war, like in "No Stories To Tell", musically having bit more progressive edge. I just Don´t Give A Shit.
  • 8. Interlude:
    • Yngie Malmsteen meets old era Metallica in shadowy alley.
  • 9. Poser Disposer:
    • Needs no introduction what's this songs about!! I have my hacksaw and they know me by the name of…

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