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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random pictures of my music collection

I bought most of my collection at highschool age and before. I was into bit more known bands such as Megadeth, and some power metal such as Running Wild back then. Majority of my collection items are not very rare because of this. I wandered into more obscure waters after years of listening bit more known heavy metal bands - but one thing was certain. 80's influenced heavy metal has always been my thing - ever since I was 9 and bought Metallica's Kill'em All on cassette - or rather my father bought it to me. That was the start.

When Metallica started sucking up, I discovered Megadeth, Running Wild, Rage (Ger), Judas Priest, Grave Digger -- Testament, Exodus.. Pretty much the known heavy metal scene, and german power metal scene, with bay area thrash. That was personally my base stuff that led me to seek more obscure stuff.

Been buying less stuff recently because I've been totally fucking broke. If I get into decent job after graduation in few months, I'm back to collect! I'll be fullfilling my collection with mainly more LP's and rare 80's heavy metal CD's from obscure bands. Especially NWOBHM EP's and early heavy metal interests me. Vinyls fucking rule!

I just bought this praised heavy metal book today: Marc MacMillan - The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Encyclopedia. Should contain 800 pages well written stories, descriptions and discographies - seeing it's back in the stock again! above might not be the cheapest so I also recommend googling it if you're looking for cheapest option.

Here are few pictures of my heavy metal collection.
Some albums I've huge respect for, and some bit more rare ones. 

Few of my all-times faves that I own digital copy of below
(in exception of that Arrow CD, which is just "rare"):

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