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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spartan Warrior (UK) the NWOBHM band are recording a new album (untitled)

Who are they?

Spartan Warrior have released two quality NWOBHM releases in the 80's called Steel 'N Chains in 1983 and S/t in 1984. They reunited recently and came out with new album Behind The Closed Eyes in 2010 - and are now working their 2nd album after the reunion.

They played out more rough and bit heavier straight-to-the-point-NWOBHM than many other bands. No fooling around with keyboards. Not exactly as raw as TANK but closer to them than the lighter-end bands,  definitely. Singer Dave Wilkinson has quite unique clean mid-range nasal voice, with occasional roughness - this is one thing people might remember.

(Most recently known lineup: 
Neil Wilkinson, Dan Rochester, David Wilkinson, Mark Chapple, and James Charlton)

The upcoming album in 2013?

It seems that british NWOBHM band Spartan Warrior is currently recording a new album. There is no mention about the name yet, so it's this far "untitled". According to their official Facebook posts it might be a mixture of new songs and few older unrecorded ones seeing daylight the first time. Quotation from Spartan Warrior's Facebook page confirms the new album:

"Well here we are 2012. Spartan Warrior are mad keen to get started this year. so whats in store? we've already started writing the next album and maybe do some older unrecorded ones too. Also we would love to get back out to mainland Europe and show people the new lineup, to the oldies in the band to us it sounds powerful driving and energetic and we feel like things have been stepped up a notch for certain. It would be nice to get some UK shows too in fact our first one is at the end of January.So to sum things up for 2012 - more festivals and gigs and a 4th album done . Bring it on!"

According to Spartan Warrior Facebook site they have at least five songs written and four songs ready to record. This information was released already two months ago at 15th March - when they completed rehearsing fourth song. It was then mentioned that they would start recording the album at 16th March. There hasn't been exact update about the process since then.

"Behind The Veil Magazine" also interviewed Dave Wilkinson recently where he stated that the new album would be most likely coming out "April/May 2013... could be sooner or later... you just never can tell with these things."

We'll be left waiting about more news and possible upcoming sound clips of the new Spartan Warrior album!

Song from their album Behind Closed Eyes (2010) - Tear Out Your Heart

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