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Monday, July 23, 2012

New remastered version of Running Wild - Gates to Purgatory released

Good news for Running Wild die hard fans or those who don't own Gates To Purgatory album previously!

Few of us may well remember that there has been talks about Running Wild's first three albums "Gates to Purgarory", "Branded And Exiled", and "Under Jolly Roger" to be remastered and re-released in future. These speculations head few years back. I cannot remember was remastered version of "Port Royal" also discussed?

Nevertheless, early Running Wild's career remastering starts off with "Gates To Purgatory" which original release date heads back to 1984. A great year for heavy metal which saw big major releases such as W.A.S.P.-W.A.S.P., Mercyful Fate-Don't Break The Oath, Judas Priest-Defenders of Fate as well as bit more minor hits (but not any less good) like Wolf-Edge of The World, Omen-Battle Cry or Witch Cross-Fit For Fight.

Among the releases was also "Gates To Purgatory" by Running Wild. A quite noteworthy debut of the band who had done several demos and few EP's previously. Running Wild who is known of their "pirate metal" and works such as Black Hand Inn or Death Or Glory long plays hadn't yet formed their later on used power/speed style, although part of the Rolf's speedy riffage might had been similar on Gates To Purgatory.

The setting was however quite different. Running Wild's image was rather more "satanic" although band never took this stuff seriously but rather used Satan as an mascot of anarchy or something like that. Instead of flying melodic shredding and pirate songs, the lads cranked out speedy hellish and energetic heavy metal bordering roughness of Venom and early german thrash metal, yet having clearly more heavy metal influenced feel into it. The songs were speedy and straight forward with recognizable amount of melody and decently nice solos, but what made this record so great was it's rough power and energy. Gates To Purgarory is cheesy record yet it's truly honest raw heavy metal in your face. And you'd never hear Rolf sing with so evil voice after this.

The re-release of the album was released in UK 16th of July already and is to be released in US tomorrow 24th of July through Amazon (please make sure from that you buy the right edition). The re-release album is fully remastered and includes 12 page booklet with story behind the album, new interview with Rock'n'Rolf, and additional rare photos and images of memorabilia.

Now we're just waiting what will happen with the other early albums remasterings in the future. Also please feel free to comment how did you feel about this remaster album. Was it worthy?

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