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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New domain: is now

Old domain expired so I though that rather than renewing the old, I'd take a new with with shorter name. Initially I came up with, but there was already heavymetal blog with name "Witching Metal" - and although they didn't own the specific domain but instead - it was still too close. Because of the existing Witching Metal Magazine looking nice and having already some fan-base, I decided to ditch the idea of using that name as much as I like it myself.

Cultmetal sounded cool but the domain was taken, so I ended up with - which is about as fine name anyway. Cult spelled with 'K' is a bit like Kreator, right? The name's rooted to the idea, that 80s albums are long forgotten by majority of heavymetal fans, and many of them weren't popular even back then. In fact, majority of releases, such as N.W.O.B.H.M -scene were pressed in small amounts, but there's still sort of cult-following of those albums and that genre.

I updated the outlook of (newly named) also, hope you like it. I cut down amount of ads too, since I don't want them to take that much of the precious space. I've left small amount of ways to provide some money for's domain-name costs etc. (though probably they won't even make that bit within a year at this rate). The ways to support are, well,  our amazon store, donation page, and 1 ad unit, which could make few dollars a year. But they aren't there in-your-face. I think it's fair enough. Please let me know if there's anything of disturbance in the outlooks of this website in your opinion! One thing i'd need in future is better navigation than the current one on the left sidebar... need to figure out how to do that.

What's next? Well, I hope writing a few new reviews soon, and I took out several year 2010 "reviews" since back then postings pretty much plain sucked. They were just few sentences long. I think we've reached the next level from that so they didn't quite fit here. I'm hoping to re-write those reviews bit more seriously. I still admit that my english needs quite a bit working, but hey, I'm still doing this for fun, hoping to give chance for readers to discover great 80s heavymetal.

Also I'm a bit hesitant about guest reviews at this point, but I might be looking for a few nice 80s heavymetal fans who can write decent English (doesn't have to be perfect since not everyone is English/American, but decent nevertheless), have right attitude, and would want to post an honest own review every now and then. If you think you'd like to take part for and have an article in mind, please contact me and let me know what's in your mind. But that really has to fit the niché of this blog, I'm very specific about that!

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