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Monday, November 26, 2012

Salem's Wych - Betrayer of Kings t-shirts on sale for $12.99!

This goes bit on the advertising side of things. But I just noticed that Amazon has Salem's Wych "Betrayer of Kings" T-Shirts on sale for $12.99 a piece ($16.99 regular). Not sure if this shirt will be pressed many times in future, either, since "Betrayer of Kings" is their only out-of-print cult album ever released, and highly sought after too.

Story behind the shirt is probably that it's re-printed since the band recently had reunion. Actually I'm not sure if anything came out of it. Nevertheless, its  quite quality US Power/heavy-metal with epic twist. Go to Amazon and check out the shirt if you're interested or buy it from our Amazon powered store to support this blog!

I may review this album later perhaps. I deleted the few years old review since it was really short and bad. Going to do second round to update some old reviews in future!

(The valuable out-of-print LP from Salem's Wych)

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