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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jeff Ulmer (ex- Sacred Blade / Othyrworld) has died - paying my respects

I just recently learned, that former Canadian power/prog heavy metal band member of Sacred Blade, Jeff Ulmer, has died after having a stroke in March 22 of 2013, a few months back from now. Jeff Ulmer's sister Jennifer posted a note on Facebook shortly after the death:
"You'll be missed terribly, brother Jeff. We'll keep your memory alive forever in our hearts, in those quiet moments. With friends it will be with stories, laughter and tears, and with music, of course."

(Jeff Ulmer)

I'd like to dedicate this post for Jeff Ulmer and Sacred Blade, as the band was one of those rather obscure bands which really had the playing talent and unique melodies on their music, especially since having the creative Ulmer leading the band, who wrote large amount of the songs, played the lead guitar, and later on after the first album also played bass and keyboards. Jeff was knowingly never involved in any other heavy metal band than Sacred Blade, and later on Othyrworld, which, in fact, is Sacred Blade under another name. Othyrworld may as well be considered to be Jeff Ulmer's solo-career name for Sacred Blade, as he basically continued re-recording some previous and unreleased Sacred Blade songs under the new band name, performing all of the instruments alone, except the drumming, that is.

Jeff Ulmer passed away in 2013 after having a stroke. Rest in piece, Jeff. Your music may inspire us few who enjoy and respect it.

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