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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Running Wild (GER) releasing new album "Resilient" in October

German veteran heavy metal band Running Wild are going to release their a new album out of the blue in this year's October 31th 2013. The announcement came as a surprise, for me at least, this close to the release date. The album will be called "Resilient" and does consist a quite standard and lengthy amount of ten tracks (which you can view below), along with two additional exclusive tracks featured in Limited Edition of the album only. Other than the track titles, information about the album has been so far very scarce. There (to my knowledge) hasn't been announcement or confirmation about the line-up contributing to the album, or sound samples this far. Yet Resilient is only two and half months away from final release date. The album is already available for pre-ordering in and in standard and ltd. edition, though, those who were upset (me included) with Running Wild's prior, rather poorly received album "Shadowmaker", are well advised to wait for sound samples before placing an order.

(Running Wild: Resilient, album cover)

Most likely, line-up will be the same than on website, unless it's ouf-of-date or everyone won't contribute to the recording and writing sessions. The website states following: Rolf Kaspared (guitar, vocals, writing), Peter "PJ" Jordan (guitar), Peter Pich (bass), Matthias Liebetruth (drums). Personally, I do hope less triggered, more traditional real drum sound, which would be huge improvement to the sound in my opinion!

Tracklist for "Resilient":
01. Soldiers Of Fortune
02. Resilient
03. Adventure Highway
04. The Drift
05. Desert Rose
06. Fireheart
07. Run Riot
08. Down To The Wire
09. Crystal Gold
10. Bloody Island
11. Payola & Shenanigans (Limited Edition Bonus Track)
12. Premonition (Limited Edition Bonus Track)

(A snippet of 'Bloody Island song from the album)

An actual concept of a real band with all members contributing to the records has been a bit questionable, perhaps, ever since "Rivalry" album was released in... 1998 (right?). Many fans seem to think that Running Wild as a band died after "Masquerade", or at the latest, Rivalry lineup in the late nineties, when band seemed to turn more into Rolf Kasparek's (guitarist/singer) personal project. The sound then lost some hooks and turned into rather more repetitious and monotonous. Yet records like "Victory", "The Brotherhood", and "Rogues En Vogue" in my opinion did consist some enjoyable songs, despite that I consider them being lower-tier releases by the band.

Running Wild, known formerly as Granite Heart, will be perhaps best remembered of their heavy-for-it's-time debut release "Gates To Purgatory" with speed metal influences and rather evil image, melodic heavy metal perfection of "Death Or Glory", and more of the same but more heavy and bombastic affair with "Black Hand Inn" in the mid nineties...  with dozen of fine albums ranging from the early eighties to late nineties.

Running Wild discography (only full length releases, no compilations or live recordings):
*click to see if available in
Gates to Purgatory (1984) 
Branded and Exiled (1985) 
Under Jolly Roger (1987) 
Port Royal (1988) 
Death or Glory (1989) 
Blazon Stone (1991) 
Pile of Skulls (1992) 
Black Hand Inn (1994) 
Masquerade (1995) 
The Rivalry (1998) 
Victory (2000)
The Brotherhood (2002) 
Rogues en Vogue (2005) 
Shadowmaker (2012) 
Resilient (2013) | posted: dungeoncrawler

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