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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Samain (GER) to play their final anniversary show at 4th of Dec 2015 in Werkhof Hohenlimburg, Hagen

Lets give a little shout for our friends Samain (GER) and their final anniversary show, which will be played in Werkhof Hohenlimburg, Hagen, Germany at 4th of December 2015. I was informed about this by Ralph, who nowadays also works as a guitar playing teacher for both, acoustic and electric guitars. The show starts at 19.00 on Friday. More details of the show at on here.

The line-up for the show will be:

  • Peter Ancaster - lead vocals 
  • Ralph Veety (aka Wiethoff) - guitar 
  • Martin Gombik - drums (who played at the first ever gig of Samain) 
  • Sid Koenig - guitar, backing vocals (played one anniversary gig priory with the band) 
  • Jeff Koenig - bass, backing vocals (played all anniversary gigs)

Any heavy metal fans around the area should consider checking the show out! Samain's style was sort of a middle-cross between hard rock and heavy metal in the old days; something like AC/DC meets Accept with slightly more gloomy and epic tone. That's only my opinion, of course. But why not decide by yourself, hear them out!

"Lay down and see,

the metal breaks obscurity" 

(Samain - The Metal Breaks My Senses from "Vibrations of Doom" LP (1984))

A great chorus, that echoed in 1985 on Samain's first and last full-length vinyl release called "Vibrations of Doom". Obscurity remained unbroken, but a fine piece of music was created border lining both heavy metal and hard rock at the same time. Which side one would draw the line upon, would depend about, if one was glancing the record through the 80s glasses, or through more modern ones. Where to draw the line is rather irrelevant, though.

(Samain (GER) circa 1984)

A few people might know this overlooked album, but not many would know, that the band actually released quite a bit of more material throughout the years, including three demos:
  • Thunderbolt Giants (1984)
  • Today You're a Lion (1985)
  • Vicious Circles (1985)

Four Video Releases (VHS):
  • (Fragmentary) Maysongs - An Evening With Samain (1985)
  • Live At Monsters Of Rock Of The Newcomers (1985)
    • These were erased as a result of lacking agreement between recorders and Roadrunner Records
  • Return Of The Giants (1986)
  • Beneath The Fortress (1986)

And a few live Cassette releases:
  • Just What The Seeres Ordered (Live, 1983)
  • From Now Till Doomsday (Live, 1984)
  • Live Maysongs (Live, 1985)

That's a few nice items to hunt for a obscure heavy metal and hard rock collector of the 80s, that one should keep on the eye, in addition to great "Vibrations of Doom" long-play, itself. The full-length album is something a collector should find rather easily without insanely high price as a vinyl, if one would just look around a bit, thanks to internet and worldwide trading.

If you want to find out more about the band, check out their official website:

Read also my old review of "Samain - Vibrations of Doom" (85/100):

And as a last word; if you were interested in the band, be sure to see them at the final anniversary show! Over and out.

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