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Do you want to donate a penny for is purely written for fun and hobby, but donations are always welcome for financing website's domain upkeep costs, supporting the creation of content, or just by pure kindness.

Writing the blog, creating it's graphics, content and editing website's html source-code takes time and patience, although, I take this more as a fun hobby. I am just an amateur as a writer, after all, with a foreign main language (Finnish); a metalhead who enjoys the music, just as any of you others who've found their way to this blog from somewhere of darkest depths of the internet. While writing, I feel like I'm doing research deeper into the genre's roots! For the greatest and the most diverse genre in the whole world and history of music in general, in my opinion, that's some interesting stuff right there - if not for anyone else, at least for my own self. I will highly appreciate ANYONE who makes a donation of ANY mount; whether it be to support the blog in general or just by pure kindness - well, whatever the reason, thanks a million!

You can donate by using a secure PayPal form to ABOVE do so (click the image with 'Donate'-button).

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In addition, there are some other ways to help and support us. You can also click any of the No Remorse Records ad-links in the website, and visit one of the heavy metal genre's greatest RECORD LABELS / STORES existing - if you make a purchase from them through our ad-link unit, we get a small commission of a purchase, but the price for you, of course, stays the same. I'm happy to have become affiliate of them, since I believe in that brand. The Greek label releases some great releases, some new, and some old rare metal gems reissued - both in vinyl and CD formats. Some editions are strictly limited pressings. And in addition of being a record label, they also hold a great online record shop. Great, great stuff. I buy their stuff myself as a collector! You can purchase from them internationally by PayPal. Check their more accurate shipment details, available albums, and upcoming releases at No Remorse Records website.
They've released material by newer bands such as ETERNAL CHAMPION, LORD VIGO, and older cult bands such as EXCESS, VIRTUE, and the legendary ANGEL DUST!

Cheers, and thanks for your interest! :)